What Our Members Say

What Our Members Say

Read Through Testimonials From Our Members.

Read What Our Members Say About Us

Here at The Professional Matchmaker we attract people from all walks of life, but predominantly they are from a professional, business or academic background and vary in ages from their mid to late 20’s, right through to people who are enjoying an active retirement. What our members say is so important to us. Here are a range of views from just some of our satisfied members:

Kim - Email Received Jan 2022

Hi Hayley, Stephen and I are in a serious relationship. We getting on well and I’m happy. We are planning our life and future together now. Thanks very much for all your help! The Professional Matchmaker has changed my life and my sons life for the better.

David H, from Surrey

“I joined The Professional Matchmaker, as I had tried and tried with online dating but to no avail. I felt I was meeting the wrong people. People who were flippant about dating and in many instances did not seem sincere about wanting to find a long term and exclusive relationship. I joined The Professional Matchmaker because I wanted to get some professional expertise and guidance, to ensure that the people I was being introduced to, were right for me – that is exactly what was delivered”

Veronica S, Nottinghamshire

“I had tried all sorts of ways to meet people, ranging from joining an evening class at college, taking ballroom dancing lessons, Ceroc dancing, through to online dating on various sites, some paid for, some free. Unfortunately, all of which ended in failure. In the end I joined The Professional Matchmaker through a friend of a friend and I have been so pleased that I did. From the start I have felt I was on the right track and have met some fabulous men, maybe not Mr Right as yet, but this has been an enjoyable experience that I would wholeheartedly recommend to others. The Professional Matchmaker made my dream come true”

Stuart M, Cheshire

“I am choosy, there is no getting away from that, I drive a nice car and live in quite an exclusive community. I felt that I really did want to meet ladies from the right background who were social and intellectual equals. I have been impressed by The Professional Matchmaker and the very thorough way they go about bringing the right sort of calibre of client onboard as members. This is a different league to the people I was meeting through online sites.”

Caroline W, County Durham

“When I experienced my marriage breaking down 3 years ago, it seemed like the end of the world for me. Having met my husband in 6th Form College, we had been together for what seemed like forever and I never thought I would recover from it. With the support, advice and professionalism received from The Professional Matchmaker, I am now dating a wonderful man, who I really feel is right for me. We are currently planning a wedding for the summer next year and I really don’t believe I could now be any happier. Thanks to all of you at The Professional Matchmaker, who have made this possible.”