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Oxfordshire Matchmaker

0800 644 4180

Our Professional Matchmaker for Oxfordshire is Ruth Thomas who prides herself on offering an exceptional service for potential clients who live in all areas of the county. What Ruth values most is putting the needs of a client first and providing excellent customer service that is closely tailored to the individual.

Having worked in education and as a careers consultant for many years Ruth has a natural ability to foster positive and supportive relationships with her clients and gains great satisfaction from helping others. With a degree in psychology and sociology.Ruth is very interested in understanding people and what their motivations are.

Ruth firmly believes you can find long lasting happiness with someone to share your life with and considers herself lucky to have met her husband who turned out to be the perfect partner! She realises that often it’s about being in the right place at the right time but this doesn’t naturally happen for everyone. This is where having a professional matchmaker comes in – someone who can help facilitate those illusive encounters which might turn out to make that positive difference in your life!

Being aware of the frustrations and dangers of using internet dating sites, Ruth has witnessed what a struggle it is to meet the right type of person through online dating. Many people she knows have been put off and have ended up giving up hope of ever finding someone. Ruth is certain that a professional, personal approach means she can get to know her clients really well and establish what they are looking for and what type of person might suit them, more accurately.

Ruth is very happy to talk to you on the phone initially to find out more about you and talk to you about how the professional matchmaking service can benefit you. The next step would be to arrange a private and confidential consultation in a location that is convenient to you or in your own home. During the consultation Ruth would take the time to get to know you to gain an accurate insight into what sort of person you are looking for.
You will find that Ruth is very approachable and non-judgemental and will do her very best to help you find that future relationship you have been hoping for.


Warwickshire Matchmaker

0800 644 4180

Nikki joined The Professional Matchmaker Network after experiencing a breakup in her closest personal relationship but in her own words “I decided to not let it break me but make me. I started thinking long and hard about what my ideal career would be and even though I’d experienced so much heartache I still believed in love and very much wanted to help other people who had maybe experienced similar situations and I wanted to help them on their journey and encourage them to never give up.”

For Nikki becoming a matchmaker is a dream come true as she gets to help people find love which is so rewarding for her. She continues “I believe that busy professionals should invest in their love life as they would any other area of their life. You would hire a personal trainer to get you fit so why would you not hire a professional matchmaker to shape up your love life? It makes perfect sense to me.
I also strongly believe that mindset is key and I can help people who may struggle with theirs when it comes to attracting love into their life.”

After using online dating herself Nikki found that not everyone on there is being honest about who they are or what they are looking for which as many of us know to our cost can be bitterly disappointing when you are looking to find someone genuine. This is why Nikki loves the idea of being able to offer a professional matchmaking service to her public across Warwickshire and Solihull, as your mind can be put to rest due to the stringent checks each member has to go through before membership can be confirmed. Says Nikki “I love speaking to people who want to take action and find love. It can be such a huge relief for them to know that we are here to help and that they can take back control of their love life.” Why not put Nikki to the test by contacting her directly on 0800 644 4180 – her initial advice is always free and without any sort of obligation, but it could just open up a new, safer, more professional way of meeting potential partners. And that could change your life!



0800 644 4180

Meet Zoe Hughes, Zoe joined the company in 2016 as a Personal Matchmaker and has made great strides forward in her role since that time, she quickly developed into a Senior Matchmaker and is a big part of our team at Head Office in Alcester. She has found her niche in life in the Matchmaking Industry, working on behalf of The Professional Matchmaker.

If you are wondering about a career as a Matchmaker then Zoe I am sure would offer very good advice, she has enjoyed some tremendous success since she joined us at The Professional Matchmaker and puts her strong development down to her attendance at our Matchmaking Academy, which has helped her build her knowledge and skills to an excellent level and this manifests itself in the results that she has been able to achieve.

The Matchmaking Academy is 16 modules, that give you a thorough grounding in the dating industry, its history, how it developed and our competition. It goes on to cover matchmaking skills and Duo our unique software system, interviewing a client and building the best of profiles. It also covers recruitment, why people choose our products as opposed to online dating and the advantages of working with a professional matchmaker and gaining access to our outstanding database of attractive and eligible singles. To enable you to become an accredited matchmaker after 12 months like Zoe. Get in touch by calling Zoe for a chat on 0844 644 4180, her advice is always free and without any sort of obligation.

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