Top Tips For Your First Date

It’s always a bit nerve racking when you are going to meet someone on your first date. Here are some top tips for your first date that could make life a little easier.

While you are getting ready to go out put some lively music on. Happy music is known to release endorphins and get the blood pumping around the body, giving you a natural glow.

Make sure that you think about what to wear. If you are a little insecure about your weight then wear something slightly loose fitting. Always make an effort, as first impressions do last the longest and you want to make sure you are looking your best.

Always brush your teeth for fresh breath and don’t overdo it with the perfume.
Think about some conversation starters in case there are some awkward silences; you want the conversation to flow.

For a first date it is a good idea to meet at lunchtime, maybe for just a cup of coffee. There is less pressure this way and it allows you to escape and not to waste a whole evening should you have a boring time.

Always make sure that someone knows where you are. You need to feel safe and have a friend ready to call if you need to make a quick exit.

When on the date:

Relax, and be yourself. You already know that this person is interested in you so don’t try too hard to impress.

Always listen and don’t interrupt when the other person is speaking.
Be honest and don’t be afraid to say that you feel a little nervous. Your date will most probably be nervous too.

Show kindness to your date; it’s never good to be unpleasant in any way and it won’t make you feel good about yourself.

Try to think about things that your date can talk about with ease. It is always good to see if your date does the same to you or if they just like the sound of their own voice. Hopefully, you will both find it easy to talk to each other and the time will fly by.

Remember, it’s ok to be honest and say that you don’t think it is working out and find a reason for leaving. Do thank your date for taking the time to meet with you.

As with everything, there are no guarentees and you may have to go on a few dates before you meet someone that could potenially be the one for you. The best thing is to never give up.