Summer Romance

Summer is arguably the most romantic season, filled with days of relaxation, enjoyment and laughter. With the days getting longer, and the warm summer air wrapping around us, the idea of a summer romance can weigh heavily on our mind. Many of us have experienced a summer romance, be it as a teenager on holiday with their parents, or as a young adult after too many drinks at a friends birthday party. It is an intense type of relationship, and if nurtured properly, can blossom into a beautiful relationship. The passion in a summer romance is unlike any other type of relationship, it is passionate, exciting and all-consuming. Friends and family start to notice a changes in you, and you find yourself checking your phone every two minutes hoping to hear from your new love interest.

Being Single At A Party

However, as we get older it can become more difficult to find this experience. Summer as a single person can be extremely daunting. Weddings, engagement parties, romantic couples picnics are but a few events we encounter throughout the summer months, and each can be more awkward than the next if you have no partner in tow. While we all hope these events will lead us to ‘the one’, we usually find the same people at these types of events, especially if you have a small group of friends. The classic example of the ‘singles table’ at a wedding can not only be awkward, but can be very boring. Many single adults are tired of being lumped as the ‘single friend’, who feel everyone is always trying to set them up, often with an unsuitable match. The fear of settling down with ‘Mr/Mrs Wrong’ can take over and then it becomes easier to be on our own. But does being on your own truly make you happy?

What we can do to improve your life

We at ‘The Professional Matchmaker’ want to help you on your journey to finding a partner to spend the rest of your life with. We take the burden of online dating away, from the stresses of safety issues to finding true compatibility. Our profiling is extremely thorough and we are here to help you get the most out of your experience, but ultimately we are here to get you matched with a genuine person who has like-minded interests to you. With a team of friendly matchmakers, you will be assigned your own matchmaker to be with you every step of the way. The Professional Matchmaker service is more that of a life style coach than any dating service you will come across online. For a small investment in your future, perhaps next year you will be the one sat next to the love of your life at a wedding, not caring about what other people are thinking about you, and certainly not sitting at the single table for another year in a row.