Seven Things You Should Say Within a Healthy Relationship

I love you

These are three magical words that can reinforce the foundation of a relationship. When
said with meaning. ‘I love you’ reinforces the depth of your feelings and reaffirms your

Thank you

Practicing gratitude within a relationship is key within lasting connections. Express
appreciation for the little things your partner does. This shows that you value their efforts
and encourages mutual respect.

I’m sorry

This is a big one. Saying sorry takes humility and self-awareness. When you’ve made a
mistake or hurt your partner unintentionally, recognising the need to apologise
demonstrates accountability. It also shows your ability to reflect and a desire to put things

I appreciate you

Letting your partner know that you appreciate them carries huge weight. Acknowledge
your partners qualities and the contribution they make to your life. This affirms their worth
and the significant place they hold in your life.

I’m here for you

Knowing that your partner is an unconditional source of support can be comforting and
reassuring. By using this phrase, you are reinforcing your commitment to being a reliable
and strong partner.

How are you feeling?

It is easy to get caught up in our own needs, wants and emotions within a relationship.
Showing a genuine interest in your partner’s well-being is incredibly important. By asking
this question, you are allowing a partner to discuss their own thoughts and feelings. You are
also strengthening your connection and empathy for each other.

You make me happy

Love should always be about striving to make each other happy. Remind your partner of
the happiness they bring to your life. This is affirmation of the positive impact the
relationship has on your own well-being and emotional stability.