The Power Of Knowing More In Relationships

How Knowledge Can Improve The Quality of Your Relationships

Knowledge is power and success, this is why many people spend the first quarter or more of their lives in education. However between calculus, chemistry and physics little if any time is spent on educating us how to be better in our daily lives with ourselves and in our relationships. Later on in adulthood a lot is invested in our professional development by our employers and ourselves. Yet still so little attention is paid to our personal development which is often engulfed in mystery, taboos, shame and the issues of accessibility and expense.

When it comes to mental health, relationships, intimacy and sex we are expected to know it all, to figure it out, to get on with it and make it work. Easier said than done, because self-care and relationship management are as complex as human nature and history are.


Unfortunately, despite the amount of research done in sciences like Psychology, Sexology and Anthropology as well as the Philosophical and ancient knowledge we have collected over thousands of years of human existence and thought, a small fraction reaches us organically. Using the compiled knowledge from these sciences can destroy harmful myths, stigma and shame. Everyone’s needs are complex and lack of understanding and guidance, in combination with stigma and shame make people feel unhappy, lost, frustrated, embarrassed, restless and hopeless. Education can liberate the mind from judgemental ideas, self torment, emotional crises, it can help with building and maintaining healthy relationships.


Seek Out Reliable Information Sources


It is difficult to find and access the most reliable and up to date sources of information and make sense of all the jargon and the data. Yet, individuals eager to learn and grow should always seek opportunities to invest in themselves, their skills and passions. Because when it comes to relationships and sex – education does equate success.


Written by:  Leah Spasova,