Online Dating Scams What To look Out For

Online dating scams are still on the increase with more and more reports of fraudulent activity and people being duped. Here are some keys points in what to do if you are online dating:

  1. Always take your time to engage with contacts that have the exact same hobbies and interests as you do and who are well experienced in establishing rapport quickly.
  2. Scammers who are looking out for women generally present themselves as either widowed, a little younger and very successful.
  3. Those that target men offer pictures of themselves and again will appear to be much younger than they actually are.
  4. It is not unusual for scammers to have multiple online identities to enable them to overcome any kind of resistance.
  5. Sometimes they will appear to be a female who befriends another female. It’s all part of the bigger picture and the end game.
  6. It is important to avoid any disclosures about money or income. Scammers will want to establish this early on in the contact.
  7. Never send money to an online scammer who could be disguised as your online partner.
  8. Picture exchanges need to be head and shoulder photos. Never send an image that could be used to blackmail you or embarrass you.
  9. If someone tries to date you by using Twitter or LinkedIn or any other non-dating sites this should certainly  raise alarm bells
  10. Remember that phone numbers can be tampered with so that they look like they originate from any location.
  11. Always consider that the identities of online profiles/people are never real until you can actually confirm the that they are.

A Personal Matchmaker from a reputable company is the safest route to take and many single people are seeking out theses companies to help them find the partner that they are looking for. It is imperative that you are meeting people that have been vetted and interviewed and have signed a contract giving commitment to behave accordingly.

If you are single and looking for a long term partner be alert to the online dating scams and what to look for to keep you safe.