Dating In The Covid-19 Pandemic

We have taken a lot of calls recently that have been enquiring about ‘Are you carrying on with matchmaking during the pandemic?’ And we wanted to reassure our clients as well as potential clients that yes very much we are continuing.

In many ways the conditions at the moment of millions of people right across the UK working from home, being furloughed on the Government scheme or self isolating means that their circumstances are already incredibly different to how things used to be. When most of us worked long hours, put huge amounts into our careers and generally didn’t have too much time to devote to relationships or finding that special someone to perhaps settle down with.

The precious commodity of having more time on our hands is an important one within dating, it gives you perhaps the most important ingredient of all when embarking on a new relationship with someone – time to devote to them and that is why we have been busier than ever in recent weeks with new enquiries. People are probably feeling the isolation that they are experiencing quite deeply currently and realising that they have the time to devote to this incredibly important aspect of life that they wouldn’t normally enjoy. Wanting to to find a very special partner to share their life with.

So there is very much an opportunity there, if it can be progressed properly and at The Professional Matchmaker we have very much tried to harness this to ensure that dating can continue effectively during the pandemic but in a safe and carefully planned way. This has been achieved by introducing high quality video into our processes, which enables us to continue to offer our highly personal matchmaking service to professional people aged 25-59 but using video to interview people initially and also to introduce each initial match with too.

At The Professional Matchmaker we have always been somewhat different to most other dating companies and taken a very personal and highly confidential approach to what we do. Your confidentiality would always be 100% guaranteed and never would your personal photographs or details appear on a public website. Something that is tremendously important to many.

We also interview every client personally and check out every potential match meticulously to ensure that they are genuinely single, haven’t got a partner already, that they have not been involved in crime and that they are solvent, rather than allowing anyone to join for the wrong reasons such as financial gain. What we won’t be doing is deviating from those standards in any way, or watering them down, as we believe that our comprehensive and caring service is what our high end clients value most of all.

So yes we are continuing, yes we have enhanced our processes to ensure that we can continue to introduce people during lockdown and tune into that wonderfully precious and scare commodity that many have in abundance at the moment, time to think, time to focus on finding that perfect partner and time to take action and to do something about it now that you have the opportunity.

There are other groups that we have given strong consideration to, during these difficult times and that is the army of people that work in the NHS, the care sector and key workers making such a difference in the global fight against Coronavirus. At The Professional Matchmaker these groups are important to us also. They may well be working incredibly long hours at the present time to help us beat the crisis but they have downtime too and for those that are single, we know that this crisis has perhaps heightened their sense of being alone, making them want to find that special someone to share their lives as well and we very much want to be able to help.

We have therefore put in an extra range of discounts for NHS, care home staff, care in the community staff and key workers. These are the biggest discounts we have ever offered to try to bring our prices into the reach of almost everyone and give these key groups of workers some respite from the crisis and something to look forward to at the end of each shift. We would love you to be part of The Professional Matchmaker and to prove to you how our expertise and professional approach to dating could bring someone exceptional into your life and how our confidentiality and privacy attracts a different class of dater to that of online dating!

Want to hear more? Our Membership Advisory Team, of Nikki, Gina, Harriet, Jane and Magda are on hand to talk you through our service everyday from 9am until 9pm, including the weekends on 0800 644 4180. Alternatively please just fill in out contact form on the website and we will call you back, within 24 working hours. We want to make a real difference to your life.