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The Professional Matchmaker – Still Making Dreams Come True In 2020!

In times of crisis it’s lovely to have that special person in your life, it’s good to talk and being alone is not how human beings are meant to be. At the present time, when social gatherings and entertainment have largely ground to a halt, there has never been a time when people need a partner more than they do right now. Someone special in your life that you can confide in and share troubles with if needs be. If you’d like to meet someone special but at the moment would not want to meet through the internet, then don’t despair as help is at hand with The Professional Matchmaker – a different kind of dating site, championing traditional face to face dating. That’s the Professional Matchmakers difference.

What Is The Professional Matchmaker?

Well we’ve been around a long time, from a time when online dating was still a pipe dream. If you think back it was a different world then, with many commercial companies only just embracing technology and only around 20% of homes having a computer. The internet dating revolution was just an idea and no one really knew if it would work or not. Well it’s worked for some and its great to see those success stories but still we receive a huge number of calls that start off with “I’ve tried online dating but its not for me” and The Professional Matchmaker does offer a valuable and more confidential alternative, through interviewing everyone face to face and carefully vets them to ensure that they are the right calibre to become a member.

Our ‘Find Love This Spring’ Offer – Up To 20% Off

Spring is one of the highlights of the romantic year. It’s the time for new life, blossom and spring flowers, a time that if you don’t have a partner currently, it’s right for doing something about getting one! Which is why joining The Professional Matchmaker is usually incredibly popular at this time of year.

This year is different because of the health crisis in the UK, but we recognise that people will still want to meet potential partners, but safely and carefully, so we’re providing you with the chance to join this high end, popular personal matchmaking service, but with a whacking great chunk off our top package and hundreds off our starter package too. But just for a strictly limited period.

Join The Professional Matchmaker

If you would you like to hear more? Please complete our contact form on this website or ring us on 0800 644 4180 and one of our Membership Adviser’s will be happy to talk you through the special offer we have during Spring and how our personal dating service works. So please complete the contact form or make that call immediately! Our Membership Advisers are available from from 9am until 9pm every day, even at the weekend – we are truly at your service and can help you on your way to meeting someone really special during this special year.

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